Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Manolo Fortich : Update : The New Pinutos Sa Kanto

Have you been lately to this famous and down-to-earth restaurant of this small barangay of Manolo Fortich? If not yet, Pinutos sa Kanto is waiting for you especially their new place which was just newly renovated last August this year. Yes, a restaurant in a small Barangay of Manolo Fortich, Barangay San Miguel. 

Pinutos sa kanto can be glimpsed along your way to Cagayan de Oro City or in transit in going to the City of Durian, Davao City. Its all new, the whole building was demolished to pave way with a new one.
On our way home from my Marawi travel last August this year, it was almost 5 o'clock in the afternoon when we were about to pass by this place. Since our travel from Marawi was so exasperating, and our tummy were rambling to eat, then we opted to we drop by this place and ordered their specialty, the roast beef and my all-time favorite, the pancit canton.
Their new rest room
One way also to motivate your driver, also your co-employee is at times, we shall treat them as part of our family. Little things in us mean a big one to them and a little appreciation is also mean something to us. This is just a give and take principle.

The owner Roroy Minoza is the owner of this restaurant of this small barangay of Manolo Fortich. A former cook of the Del Monte Club House with a five star caliber. The owner and at the same time a cook with his wife as the business overseer. 
The Dine-in Area of Pinutos sa Kanto
The restaurant has a glazed flooring made of granite that became more attractive with a combination of screen on aluminum analok frame enclosures that also adds to become so fresh and relaxing and eye soothing while eating your food. 
If I have to make a choice where to eat, I would still prefer this place once we have travels to Northern part of Region 10.

Best time to eat here is during 5 -6 pm, because when you arrive home, you will just take a rest before going to sleep.

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